My Italian Adventure
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CHAPTER 65 LOCATION: Corniglia SUBJECT: Capturing Laughter

Key Item: Minidisc Recorder
Some moments cannot be captured on film... some are best souvenirs I have from Italy are the sounds I collected with my minidisc recorder.

When I listen, I am transported right back to the cool shade of that peaceful garden, the tense curb of that chaotic street corner, the dusty front pew of that splendid little church. My only regret is that I didn't think to use it more often.


Back on the trail again, things improved, as we made our way toward the town of Corniglia. The trail wove through olive groves, some with fine red nets strung beneath them like vivid spider webs, to catch the ripe olives as they fell. It was a scene of otherworldly beauty and serenity.

Encountering only the occasional hiker or mountain biker, the air rang with birdsong. I stopped, and attempted to capture a bit of it with my minidisc recorder. However, as soon as I got it set up, the peaceful scene was disrupted by one audio intrusion after another: a lawnmower, a bike crunching gravel down the path, a distant Vespa whining, the growl of a ferry engine cruising by below.

With each audio assault, Kim and I would look at each other, at first smiling and rolling our eyes, then outright laughing when we could hold it inside no longer. The resulting attempts captured a lot of laughter and only a little birdsong.

Capturing laughter 1:47(sorry, audio quality is poor)

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